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Pittsburgh City

On the 24th. and 25th. of October 1998, The Bach Choir of Pittsburgh performed the complete version of "The Cuban Mass". Brady R. Allred, who is the artistic director and conductor of this great choir, performed said work, at the Carlow College Community Center, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. During a two-day concert performance, The Mass was sung by Cynthia Harding (soprano), Daphne Alderson (mezzo-soprano), and Matthew B. Pittman (tenor).


Ubieta with Brady Allred

Above, the composer is discussing various aspects of his work with conductor Brady R. Allred, days before the debut.

Ubieta signing autograph

Here, the composer is signing an autograph for an enthusiastic member of the audience.


On 23 January 1999, the Westchester Philharmonic and the Chorus of the Americas, with the contralto, Marian Wasserman ("Santo"), performed the Kyrie, Santo, and Alleluia from "The Cuban Mass", under the baton of conductor, Paul Lustig Dunkel.


Ubieta greets public

Ubieta greeting the public after the performance of the Mass, with Maestro Paul Lustig Dunkel.


Backstage with Dunkel and Vuksic

At the backstage, after the performance, from left to right: Paul Lustig Dunkel, the composer, and Nelly Vuksic, Musical Director of Chorus of the Americas.

The UWS Acapella Choir

On 27 October 2000, the UWS Acapella Choir, under the direction of MATTHEW FAERBER, sang the "Aleluya" from "The Cuban Mass" by Ubieta, at the Cathedral of Christ the King, in the 75th. Anniversary of its foundation.

James Umble and The Cleveland Duo

The Cleveland Duo and James Umble, on 14 April 2002, premieres Ubieta's ad hoc transcription of his own work, "La Cubachiana," at the Jefferson Fine Arts Series of Jefferson, Ohio. Mr. Umble said, "We enjoyed learning and playing your nice piece...there was a lot of obvious audience pleasure in response to your piece."

Manuel Barrueco Cuba CD

World renowned classical guitarrist, MANUEL BARRUECO, recorded the guitar transcription of Ubieta's "New York Rush", the main theme of the film, "El Super." You can appreciate Barrueco's virtuosistic interpretation of this exuberant piece, by listening from his CD, "¡Cuba!", an EMI/CLASSICS release.

Chucho Valdez Live at the Village Vanguard CD

At the Village Vanguard of NYC, Chucho Valdés with his quartet, performed and recorded live, "Son XXI" by Ubieta, on April 9 & 10 of 1999. After this, a CD containing both concerts was released by EMI Music Canada, in 2000. (This CD won a Grammy in 2001.) It was a pleasant surprise for the composer, to hear one of the themes from his 1964 musical comedy, "Mefistófeles", opening and closing a long piano variation that, over said theme, this fabulous pianist of Afrocuban jazz performed for us.

(Listening to "Son XXI", now, Ubieta remembers how much Chucho always admired this whole-tone based theme, since those times when he, with Paquito D'Rivera, Carlos Emilio Morales, Bobby Carcassés and others, integrated the Havana Musical Theatre Orchestra, premiering the memorable musical comedy by the composer.)


The Palomar Chamber Singers

On 4 April 2004, "The Cuban Mass" was performed in USA, by the Palomar Chamber Singers, (Palomar College Performing Arts Department), under the direction of Dr. David Chase.


On Saturday, 3 July 2004, "The Cuban Mass" was performed in Denmark by the Tritonus Choir, from Norway, under the direction of renowned conductor and composer, JOHN HØYBYE


Gonzalo Rubalcaba
Century XXI CD


In November, 2011 famous Cuban jazz sensation, Gonzalo Rubalcaba released his CD "XXI Century" which includes, "Son XXI" by Ubieta. Recently, Rubalcaba was awarded at the 27th. Annual Jazz Plaza Festival celebrated in Teatro Mella de la Habana. Ubieta is proud that his work was performed in said Festival; now forming an integral part of this CD.