Pictorial Music Scores

The Story of an Invention

In 1961, the Cuban composer, Enrique Ubieta, published Pictorial Music Scores---an innovation never seen before, in music. This is a pictographic system that replaces the names of the listed instruments on the left column of the score, by its respective images. Two advantageous visual factors support this graphical reform: (1) the image of an instrument is universal, but its name is not; and (2) an image is caught by the eye, quicker than a word is. (N.B. 30 years after this innovation was globally exploited by Ubieta, under the Omega Pictorial Music Score label, Sibelius, the music notation program, as of version 3 currently provides it for its users, in applying it to the music scores and their instrumental parts.)

Sibelius Software (acquired by Avid Technology, in 2006) was created and released in 1993, by the twin British developers Ben and Jonathan Finn, both born in 1973; in other words, they were born a year after Ubieta had already launched his universal invention, for the first time in the history of music notation. Pictorial Music Scores was duly registered by Ubieta, in 1972, at the Copyright Office in Washington, D.C. It was known and commercialized not only in the U.S.A. (its original country); but also, it was exhibited and pitched in Spain, Japan and England (with Boosey & Hawkes publishers), by the reckoned luthier and guitar impressario, Juan Orozco; who, personally represented the new scoring format, in 1974.

As seen, in the early 1970s, Ubieta formed the Omega Pictorial Music Scores label, which successfully produced and sold thousands of Pictorial Music Score pads to users, who began using this innovative approach to music scoring. Thus, Ubieta provided composers, arrangers, copyists, and music publishers, with a modernized and artistic format for orchestral score writing. Below are images of the original corporation literature, letter-head and sample scores, which were invented, designed, registered, and produced by Enrique Ubieta.

Sample Scores

cello Guitar
trumpet trombone saxaphone

Orchestral Scores

The following files are in PDF format. Click on the file to view the orchestral score format. NOTE: These scores were invented, designed and produced by Enrique Ubieta under the Omega Pictorial Music Scores Company label in 1972.


Symphony Orchestra Score

Theatre & TV Orchestra Score

Jazz Band Score


Pictorial Music Scores Memorabilia

Omega Pictorial Music Score logo


Omega Pictorial Music Sales Brochure
Omega Pictorial Music Scores company letterhead
G. Schirmer order
G. Schirmer order
Omega Order form


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