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The Butterfly and the Kite (ballet)
Ensayo Típico No. 1 (string orchestra and percussion)
Ensayo Típico No. 2 (string orchestra)
Ensayo Típico No. 3 (string orchestra)
New York Rush (symphonic version)
Serenatas y Sonetazos (a symphonic overture)
Adagio to an Adagio (for string orchestra)
The Sugar & Tobacco Nuptials (a orchestral chronicle)
Concerto Olimpico (choreographic movement for full orchestra)
Necrópolis (Dirge for wind and percussion)
Three Symphonic Pictures: Plaza de las tres culturas; Tango del quinto paso; Tierra de la eterna primavera.
Steinway Concert (concert for piano and orchestra)
The Passing of Time (string orchestra)
Aria in cerca da opera (Chamber Orchestra)
Largo (Chamber Orchestra)