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New York Rush

 "New York Rush" is the main musical theme of the renowned film, "El Super." In 1979, Ubieta was commissioned by Leon Ichaso and Manuel Arce to compose and conduct the music for this film. What came out was a creatively inspired score culminating with the theme of "New York Rush." Kim Records (K-716) recorded the original motion picture score in 1981.

New York Rush has been transcribed for guitar and piano. Both transcriptions have been published by G. Schirmer, Inc. All essential musical elements were faithfully recreated in these two transcriptions created by the composer. The rhythmn of the work is a basso obstinato of Caribbean flavor heard throughout. Harmonically, an almost exclusive use of the diminished seventh chord with an unresolved appoggiatura is employed. The melody is a blues, counterpointed by restless melodic segments of Latin origins and different timbres.

The guitar version has been performed many times and was first recorded by Carlos Barbosa-Lima.

Manuel Barrueco has just recorded this piece which has been released on the EMI/CLASSICS label.




Music reviews from the film premiere

"The music, well matched in its quiet shifts of tone and rhythm to the emotional crosscurrents in the script, was composed by Enrique Ubieta."

-Susan Lardner/The New Yorker

"EL SUPER benefits from Enrique Ubieta's zesty, infectious Latino score..."

-Kevin Thomas/Los Angeles Times

"EL SUPER" has splendid music...

-Playboy Magazine

"Enrique Ubieta's perky, versatile score often helps to finesse awkward transitions."

-Gary Arnold/Washington Post

"And Enrique Ubieta's music, is most especially, a great score, with an exact coupling of image and creole sentiment."

-Rene Jordan/El Miami Herald

"The music composed for the film was most befitting: one could not have hit the mark, any better."

-Celedonio Gonzales/Diario Las Americas

"Enrique Ubieta's musical score provides amusing counterpoint."

-Candice Russell/The Miami Herald




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Transcription for guitar (Ed. 3715)

Transcription for piano (Ed. 3716)

Chamber and Full Orchestra materials are available on rental from the Publisher. (Note: Chamber orchestra consists of 1 Flute, 1 Trumpet, 1 Trombone, 3 Percussions, Piano, String Quartet and Bass.)




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