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El Tabaco (a documentary, ICAIC, CUBA, 1960) Director: Humberto Arenal. Cinematographer: Néstor Almendros
Realengo 18 (a feature length film on a revolutionary drama, ICAIC, 1960) Director: Oscar Torres/Eduardo Manet Cinematographers: H. Tanner, R. Suárez, and J. Haydú.
A E I O U (an animated cartoon, ICAIC, 1962) Director: Jesús de Armas
Cowboy (an animated cartoon, ICAIC, 1962) Director: Jesús de Armas
El Papalote (an animated abstract drawings, ICAIC, 1964) Director: Jesús de Armas. Animation: José {Pepe} Reyes
El Super (a tragicomedy about Cuban exiles living in New York. A New Yorker Films Release, 1978)
In Their Own Words (a documentary, USIA, 1980)

Films that have used music by Enrique Ubieta

Carnet de Voyage (a documentary by Joris Ivens, containing extensive use of the Ensayo Típico No. 1, taken directly from a commercial record in Cuba, 1961)
¡Cuba, Si! (a documentary by Chris Marker, containing the theme of the film Realengo 18, played at the piano by Chris Marker himself, at the end of the documentary, 1961)