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Tres sones al desnudo (a capella):
(1)No hay paz sin pan; (2) ¡Sea ley universal!; (3) ¡Ojo, con los cuatro elementos!
Voces de Navidad (Christmas carol with piano accompaniment. Text in Spanish and English)
La Cubachiana (chorus and piano version)
Villancico Cubano (chamber choir, piano and güiro)
Cantata Mural (Quodlibet of 13 Spanish folk songs for chorus and piano, dedicated "To my grandfather, the Spaniard people" )
Kyrie and Aleluya (from The Cuban Mass. Text in Spanish and English)
El carretero y el eco (based on the comic poem by Ignacio María de Acosta [a.k.a."Iñigo"] )
Canon To Esteban Salas (Antiphonal Canon for double vocal quartet soli, choir, and organ)
Iré a Santiago ("Son de negros en Cuba") Cantata breve for choir and orchestra, or choir and piano, on the poem by F. G. Lorca *
Introito (from "Requiem for the Poor of the World." Composed in Bimodal harmony) *
*Authorization for use of this poem was conceded to the composer by Lorca's heirs in 1968.